ACS Class of 1979
20th Anniversary
Reunion Dinner

List of Who Came (Confirmed Respondents)
As at 27 August 1999. Please inform Gregory if your name is not on the list.

The Program for the Night

Menu (Just so you know what we ate)

Exactly 20 years ago, we were a bunch of Sec 4 students. Today, we have moved along… leading our own lives and setting our own direction. But our hearts stay as one… in memory of our ACS days. We walked down this memory lane again on:

Date:Saturday 4 Sep 99 at 6:30pm
Venue:ACS Barker Rd Auditorium
the Auditorium we used 20 years ago,
now to be demolished at the end of 1999

We had hoped to see everyone, but if you were not present, please do fill in the update form so that we may keep in touch. Also, please make sure that you pass this message on to others not on our distribution list. We are now planning for the 25th Anniversary Reunion Dinner in 2004!

The Organizing Committee… Class of 1979 Reunion Dinner
(Hopefully they'll be the Organizing Committee for the 25th Anniversary in 2004.
E-mail them your vote!
And if you want to volunteer for the 2004 gathering, do get in touch with them.)

The Organizing Committe is :Oon Jin Teik
Titus Cheong
Lim Tat
Loh Ngai Kun
Lionel Ong
Gregory Pong
Maurice Pung
David Tan
Tan Sek Tim
Wong Foot Hin
Mark Yeo