April 1st, 1977

This one is more of recounting an incidence than a story

Well, the first of each month is school fees day, and on that April day, everyone paid their fees in coins.

Of course the class monitors dutifully collected the fees, and lugged it all the way to the school office. At first the office didn't quite realise what was going on, so the first few classes who did so got away with it.

Then they woke up and the announcement came over the PA to make the rest of the classes stop giving them coins (I've always wondered what happened after that)

One wonders who was the "genius" that thought up this April Fool's joke, because it happened school-wide (at least our year), and that it required prior preparation and dissemination of the plan. Some who weren't notified actually went down to the tuckshop to change their dollar notes into coins just so that they could pay their fees in coins.

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