David Wawa & KT Philip

The year was 1977, and the location, Sec 2B classroom.

David Waworuntu (a.k.a. Wawa) was the class monitor, and Mr Peter Joe Chia was the form teacher (and the then discipline master).

One day during class, Peter Joe Chia calls up David, and asks him to deliver a message to Mr KT Philip. So off goes David towards the clock tower block where KT Philip's office is located.

Some time passes, and David finally returns to class, looking rather flustered.

Going straight to Peter Joe Chia to make his report, he tells him, "Sir, Mr Gobi not there!"

The entire class exploded in laughter, and you should have seen the look on Peter Joe Chia's face.

The best of it was, David looked around innocently, wondering what it was that had set off the class's reaction

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