Long before your time, in a southern province of China.....

This section is dedicated to the tall stories, incidences, and anecdotes which we have of our times in ACS (1976-1979)

In the hope that these stories do not fade into our senile minds as we grow old, this page is started with the intention of preserving those precious memory gems for posterity (or until my ISP cuts me off, whichever is the earlier).

Please do contribute to the list of tales which you would recount to your sons, grandsons, great-grandsons, etc. in the years to come ("Y'know, ah boy, Ah Kong did this when he was your age, and he was responsible for that notorious incident"). For example, how many remember that Indian relief teacher, Mr Indra (thanks for remembering his name, Calvin) who while invigilating a class test, lined up the chalks on the teacher's table, and then proceeded to crack them one by one using his handkerchief as a whip?

Only a few conditions apply - the contributed stories should not be accusatory, vulgar or defamatory (if you're not sure whether its defamatory, you can always consult one of the many lawyers in the webpage of the Class of 1979, unless he happens to be the subject of that story)

To contribute, just send me the story via e-mail, either as the body text of the mail or as a MIME-enabled Word document attachment.

So here's to start off the list (new ones will be added to the top)

  • Sabo
  • New Brooms
  • David Wawa and KT Philip
  • April 1st 1977

  • Please send your contributions here

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