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This is Brigade Headquarters. You may address me as Mefaked Hativa or Ma'Hat for short.

On this page are listed some of the more notable brigades and units from the past, present, and future.

Gid'on u'Shalosh Me'Ahl
The Black Watch
The Iron Brigade
Mosby's Rangers
Strumtruppe Edelweiss
The Long Range Desert Group
The Parachute Regiment
Special Air Service Regiment
Légion Etrangère
The 7th Armoured Brigade
The 188th Armoured Brigade ("Barak")
The 1st Infantry Brigade ("Golani")
Sayeret Mat'Kal
Sayeret Tzanhanim
Selous Scouts
Wolf's Dragoons
13th Wolf Guards ("the Wolf Spiders")
Northwind Highlanders

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