The Black Watch
1739 -

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Major BattlesFontenoy1745
Quatre Bras1815
1st Ypres1914
The Rhine1945
The Hook1952

The Black Watch

The Black Watch, the Senior Highland Regiment, was originally raised as six independent companies in 1725. Their task was to watch over and maintain law and order in the Highlands after the first Jacobite Rebellion in 1715. In 1739 these companies were embodied as a Regiment of the Line and paraded as a Regiment for the first time on the banks of the River Tay at Aberfeldy, Perthshire, in early 1740. Because of their role in the early days and the very dark tartan which they wore they became known as The Black Watch and that name remained from then on.

The Red Hackle was worn in 1770's and in 1821 an army order was issued giving The Black Watch sole right to wear it. This distinction they have worn ever since.

From the Regiment's first action at the Battle of Fontenoy in Flanders in 1745 it has served in almost every British Campaign and has earned 162 Battle Honours, the most recent of which came from the Battle of the Hook, in Korea, in November 1952.

The Black Watch was the last British Regiment to serve in Hong Kong which was handed back to the Peoples Republic of China on June 31st, 1997. The Black Watch continues to serve world-wide to this day.

The Black Watch 1739-1881

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