Clan Blood Spirit
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The Grand Council, in arrogance, gave their decree:
Blood Spirit, you must conform to the Way of the Clans.
You have strayed from the Path; we will lead you back.
The flash of the blade, the striking knife, the traitor's stab!
On the Path our step is true - while other Clans falter.
We held out our hands, in the spirit of Kerensky's Dream,
And our brethren chose to treat the gesture as folly.
In isolations embrace, we forsake all and live for the future.

           Viewed by many as the weakest of all the Clans, centuries of conflict and broken promises have left the Blood Spirits with an isolationist position and a rabid hatred for all other Clans.

          IlKhan Nicholas Kerensky gave the Clan its name for the espirit de corps, which binds all warriors together. Led by Khan Colleen Schmitt, granddaughter of Colonel Hanni Schmitt of the Royal Black Watch, the Blood Spirits spent many years fostering inter-Clan cooperation and unity. Their charity towards their fellow Clansman and cooperative attitude towards all ultimately led towards a series of savage battles that rocked the Clan to its foundation.

          Clan Blood Spirit, like all other Clans, performed exceptionally well during the reclamation of the Pentagon worlds. The Spirits aided the Steel Vipers in the capture of several important cities on Arcadia with minimal losses for each Clan. This brought many honors to the Spirits and raised Star Captain Devin Boques to the rank of saKhan.

          In the years following the Pentagon campaigns, the Blood Spirits continued their tradition of aiding their fellow Clans by sending ilChi, or State Messenger, to each Clan. The ilChi's job is to maintain open relations and fostering mutual aid between Clans. During this time, the Spirits began teaching new generations of warriors the need to maintain the bonds that had created the warrior society of the Clans.

          However, as time passed and each Clan began to develop its own personality, hatred began to flourish between the Clans and various leaders began reneging on promises and ignoring debts. Offers of help were dismissed out of hand and the ilChi's were often derided as "unClanlike" for their activities. Indeed, many Clans began to view the Spirits as soft and weak.

          In the wake of the destruction of the Not-Named Clan, the Blood Spirits found themselves under intense scrutiny from the other Clans, particularly Clan Burrock. The Burrocks demanded a Trial of Annihilation for what they perceived as the Spirits violation of the Way of the Clans. The Grand Council dismissed the vote for the Trial, but, instead, censured the Spirits for failing to follow the Way of the Clans. Shocked by the reprimand, and Nicholas Kerensky's part in it in particular, Khan Schmitt realized the time for cooperation had passed. Shortly afterward, she recalled all ilChi.

          In the years to follow, the Spirits were attacked constantly by the other Clans, particularly Clans Burrock and Mongoose. The Blood Spirits fought to their utmost, but the years of aiding other Clans had left their own military seriously depleted. The Spirits took many abtakha during the battles, but lost more warriors than they could afford to lose. The Sprits were eventually forced off two planets and fell back to their holdings on York and Arcadia. Subsequent battles nearly depleted the Spirits' touman, leaving it a pale shadow of its former strength.

          Also during this time of hardship, ilKhan Nicholas Kerensky was slain in combat during the WidowMaker Trial of Annihilation. This more than anything else drove the Blood Spirits away from the other Clans. In their eyes, all of the other Clans were responsible for Kerensky's death. The Blood Spirits began distancing from the other Clans and showing contempt and open hatred during Grand Council meetings.

          The advent of the new OmniMech created a serious problem for the Spirit Khans. They knew they lack the resources to win the necessary designs and were unable to design their own. To keep the Clan from being absorbed, the Spirit Khans took several steps to ensure their survival.

          First, they instituted an extremely rigid sibko-training program. The new, more brutal, program often resulted in many fatalities and the failure of entire sibkos, but produced some of the best warriors in Clan space.

          The second, more controversial, step involved the training of every member of Blood Spirit society as a warfare. Meant as a final defensive measure, this gave the Spirits an extra edge in case another Clan launched a major offensive against them.

          Third, the Khans initiated a program allowing technicians, many of whom had failed warrior training, to continue their training. Those who performed his duties to a sufficient level would be allowed to participate in a Grand Melee once a year to earn a chance at a second Trial of Position.

          Next, the Khans began an exploration and colonization program. This allowed them to colonize the world of Foster, which contained many vital resources the Clan desperately needed.

          Lastly, the Khans revitalized the scientist caste. The scientist's duty was to improve the genetic program and maximizing usage of Clan resources.

          Shortly after the implementation of these programs, the Blood Spirits received the last thing they were expecting - help from another Clan. In 2865, the Fire Mandrill Kindraa Smythe-Jewel proposed a way for the Blood Spirits to obtain OmniMech technology in exchange for minor genetic legacies and territory on the planet Foster. Suspicious at first of the offer, the Khans eventually realized the Fire Mandrills were sincere and agreed to the proposal. After a series of battles weighted in favor of the Blood Spirit warriors, both Clans got what they wanted.

          Sometime later, the Blood Spirits were forced to abandon their holdings on Foster. Before they left, however, the Kindraa Smythe-Jewel gifted them with an armored battlesuit and the protocols for breeding Elementals. With the Kindraa's destruction by a combined Hell's Horses and Coyote attack, the Blood Spirits opted to maintain their contact with the Fire Mandrills. Towards the end of the twenty-ninth century, the Blood Spirits opened trade relations with Clan Diamond Shark.

          For the next century, the Blood Spirits attempts to rebuild their military were blunted by nearly constant attacks by Clan Burrock. In 2977, the Clan made an unprecedented move. In exchange for large numbers of second-line mechs, the Spirits traded much of their WarShip might to the Snow Ravens. Over the next three decades, the two Clans secretively transferred numerous shipments of 'mechs and WarShips until the Blood Spirits had fully rebuilt their touman.

          The forty years following the last shipments of mechs were relatively quiet for the Blood Spirits. Many of the other Clans simply ignored them and even Clan Burrock had reduced the number of raids it staged against the Blood Spirits. Like many other Clans, the Blood Spirits failed the Trials to be a part of the Operation Revival force. The Khans were unwilling to bid as low as the others and so failed during the first round. The subsequent defeat of the Clans at Tukayyid in 3052 proved the Khans' belief that the time had not yet come for the Clans to retake Terra.

Recent Events

          In 3058, Clan Blood Spirit received news which rocked it to the core. Evidence provided by both Clans Cloud Cobra and Star Adder indicated that Clan Burrock had secretly been aiding the bandit caste for over a century. Worse, the current Burrock Khans were actively hiding evidence that linked them to the bandits. The Blood Spirit Khans were further stunned when Clan Star Adder won the right to Absorb Clan Burrock. This act enraged the Blood Spirits, who rightly claimed a grave injustice. They felt that they had earned the right to absorb the Burrocks because of the centuries of bitter fighting between the two Clans.

          The Blood Spirits then launched a series of unsanctioned attacks against the Burrocks. Sending more than seventy percent of their forces into battle, the Blood Spirits hit the Burrock worlds of Priori and Albion, even as the Star Adders battled the Burrocks. The Blood Spirits surprise appearance initially gained them some small victories, but the tide turned against them when both the Burrocks and Star Adders combined forces to defeat the Spirit forces.

          The battle cost the Blood Spirits nearly five full Galaxies and shifted their hatred from Clan Burrock to Clan Star Adder. Furious at what she saw as the Clans' final betrayal of her people, Khan Karianna Schmitt ordered the withdrawal of all Blood Spirit forces from all worlds except Strana Mechty and York. Only the Fire Mandrill and Snow Raven ilChi's and the trade agreement with the Diamond Sharks are the Clans contact with the outside.

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