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          On November 16, 3029, news came that the St. Ives Commonality had seceded from the Capellan Confederation. This was mainly the work of Candace Liao, Duchess of the St. Ives Commonality and lover of Justin Xiang Allard. Though as ambitious as the other members of her family, she had shown more concern for her people than had the other Liaos. When confronted with the true identity of the man she loved and the threat of losing him, Duchess Liao chose to leave the Confederation and represent her people's interest from the court of New Avalon instead of trying to battle the Davion war machine.

          Then, as now, it is ruled by Candace Liao, one of Maximilian Liao's daughters. Ever since Candace left the Confederation and married Justin Xiang, a close confederate of Hanse Davion, her small realm has maintained a close affiliation with the Federated Commonwealth. The Compact might have been absorbed into the Federated Commonwealth, much as the short-lived Tikonov Free Republic has been, but Candace staunchly asserted her realm's autonomy. Perhaps she feared that any other position would have driven her sister Romano Liao to a frenzied attack that might have damaged the Compact's worlds. Now that the apparently more rational Sun-Tzu has replaced Romano on the throne, the fate of the St. Ives Compact may also change.

St. Ives Compact Armed Forces

(Deployment as of 3054)

          This tiny young state has been unable to expand its holdings, and periodic raids by House Liao seem intended to maintain that status quo. During the Clan invasion, the St. Ives Compact provided naval aid to House Davion to reinforce Steiner space, the full extent of their involvement in the conflict. Nothing of significance has changed for the Compact in the last five years, and it appears that state of affairs will continue for at least the next five years.

Commander: Duchess Candace Liao
AFFC Liason: General Simone Devon
Regular Mech Strength: 6 Regiments, 1 Battalion
Mercenary Mech Strength: 1 Regiment

Unit Name                        Experience   Regiments  Homeworld    
1st St. Ives Lancers             Veteran         1       St. Ives
(CO: Colonel Caroline Seng)
2nd St. Ives Lancers             Veteran       0.33      Armaxa  
                                 Regular       0.33      Nashuar 
                                 Regular       0.33      Taga    
(CO: Colonel Timothy Bairn)
St. Ives Cheveau Legers          Veteran         1       Indicass        
(CO: Colonel Cynthia Kerr)
St. Ives Acad Traing Grp Batt    Green         0.33      St. Ives
(CO: Leftenant General Christian Boehmer)
Raymond's Armored Cavalry        Regular         1       Brighton        
(CO: Colonel Samuel Raymond)
Blackwind Lancers                Regular       0.33      Milos   
                                 Regular       0.33      Denbar  
                                 Green         0.33      Texlos  
(CO: Colonel Leonid Perrin)
Aliesha's Mounted Fusiliers      Regular         1       Vestallas       
(CO: Colonel Aliesha Carling)
1st Illician Lancers             Regular       0.33      Texlos
                                 Veteran       0.33      Texlos 
                                 Veteran       0.33      Ambergrist
(CO: General Brenda Bradley)

St. Ives Compact 3058 Update

          Curiously untouched by the Capellan Confederation and Free Worlds League during those states' invasion of the Sarna March, the St. Ives Compact has continued to prosper in the years since 3056. As events unfolded in the Inner Sphere, the First St. Ives Lancers, with Kai in command, was sent to the Free Rasalhague Republic planet of Tukayyid at the rest of ComStar Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht, along with forces from the Federated Commonwealth and Draconis Combine, to train how to fight the Clans against ComStar's Invader Galaxy.

          While on the way, incidents in the Lyran Alliance drew the force's attention away from training. Sending the First St. Ives Lancers to assist in the defense of Coventry against Clan Jade Falcon Khan Marthe Pryde's drive into the Lyran Alliance, the Compact has maintained its place of respect in the Inner Sphere.

          Kai Allard-Liao, now married to Deidre Lear and father of two, has worked through his previous troubles and has risen to surpass all expectations of him. Heir to the St. Ives Compact throne, Kai promises to be a thorn in the side of Sun-Tzu Liao's Capellan Confederation and the Compact is bound to prosper under his rule.

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