Welcome to the vaults of history!

The individual timelines cover the history of each of the Great Houses and other significant groups. These documents will be most useful when researching people and events closely linked to that specific group. The comprehensive timeline contains all the entries listed in the individual timelines. This document will be most useful for learning about events or persons that you cannot easily place with an individual House or group. The comprehensive timeline also gives the reader an overview of events across all Houses at any one time, creating the big picture and allowing the reader to spot possible relationships between events.

These timelines are not meant to replace the supplements published by FASA. They were compiled as a handy reference for researchers and history buffs. In addition, much reference is made to the BattleTech novels.

Timeline entries generally appear in chronological order. In the comprehensive timeline abbreviations (provided below) refer to a government's name after the first mention.

RWR: Rim Worlds Republic
TH: Terran Hegemony
OA: Outworlds Alliance
MC: Magistracy of Canopus
TC: Taurian Concordat
DC: Draconis Combine
FWL: Free Worlds League
LC: Lyran Commonwealth
FS: Federated Suns
FC: Federated Commonwealth
CC: Capellan Confederation
CS: ComStar
WB: Word of Blake
MH: Marian Hegemony