Famous Units of the Inner Sphere


Formed by Yorinaga Kurita as a way for him to atone for his failure to kill Morgan Kell on Mallory's world. The Genyosha represent the finest warriors in the DCMS. The commanding officer of the First Regiment is the Combine heir, Hohiro Kurita.

In addition to being in the forefront of Combine/SLDF operations in the attack on the Smoke Jaguars, the First Genyosha also participated in the so-called "Dream Team" operation against the 4th Jaguar Regulars and the 12th Jaguar Regulars on Schuyler during the Third Wave of the invasion.

Izanagi Warriors
Originally called the Dragon's Claws, the Izanagi Warirriors were formed from older and retired Combine Mechwarriors (who strictly adhered to the Samurai code) when Coordinator Takashi Kurita was unsure of his son Theodore's loyalty as a Mech Force loyal only to him. Their existence was not revealed until the Nova Cats and Smoke Jaguars attacked Luthien and the Izanagi warriors were needed for the World's defence. After the Clan forces were ejected from Luthien the Izanagi were formerly placed on the rolls of the DCMS and Takashi named Tai-Sa Shin Yodama, companion of Hohiro Kurita, Theodore's son, and a Yakuza, commander of the unit.

During the invasion of the Smoke Jaguar occupied zone, the Izanagi warriors were one of the few units to actively participate in all three of the waves of the attack, hitting the worlds of Teniente, Juaziero and Outer Volta.

Five Regiments. Modeled on Wolf's Dragoons they were formed during the five year period when the Dragoon's were under contract to House Kurita. The Coordinator made the Ryoken fight their mentors, when the dragoons attempted to leave the service of the Combine. The fighting, on the world of Misery, took a terrible toll on each unit and the situation as a whole compelled the Ryuken commander, Minobu Tetsuhara, to commit seppuku.

All five regiments participated in the invasion at the forefront of the fighting.


Tenth Lyran Guards    
Traditionally the command of the heir apparent of the Lyran Commonwealth, one battalion, the Revenants, is the personal command of Archon Prince Victor Ian Steiner Davion of the Federated Commonwealth. Formerly the command of Fredrick Steiner (now Precentor Martial Focht, although this is not known to more than a few, including Khan Phelan Kell, Theodore Kurita, and Victor Steiner-Davion) the 10th has fought in some of the more important battles of the war against the Clans, including the AFFC counterattack on Twycross and the operation to rescue Hohiro Kurita on Teniente.

During the Invasion, under the direct command of Victor Steiner-Davion, the 10th participated in the so-called "Dream Team" operation against the 4th Jaguar Regulars and the 12th Jaguar Regulars on Schuyler during the Thrid Wave of the invasion.

First Kathil Uhlans
Regimental Combat Team.

Under the command of Andrew Redburn, the Uhlans are a part of the Operation Serpent.


Knights of the Inner Sphere
Two Regiments. Formed by Captain-General Thomas Marik, the Knights are supposed to represent the noble elements of the human spirit as they pertain to warfare. They seek to infuse the chivalric code into the conduct of civilized warfare...

The Knights of the Inner Sphere, for the purposes of the SLDF attack against the Smoke Jaguars have been attached to Marshal Hasek-Davion's Operation Serpent.


Invader Galaxy
Unit formed by Comstar with Clan weapons along Clan lines.


Kell Hounds    
Two regiments. Formed by brothers Morgan and Patrick Kell, the Kell Hounds in a very short time established themselves among the elite military units in the Inner Sphere. The history of the unit is entirely too varied and complex to go into here, but suffice it to say that the KellHounds are probably the most important mercenary military command in the Inner Sphere, because of their political position within the Lyran Alliance (namely Morgan Kell's Arc Royal Defense Cordon) and their elite fighting ability (augmented by the presence of Phelan Kell's Warden Wolves).

The Kell Hounds participated in the invasion of the Smoke Jaguar Invasion Corridor mainly as a part of the reserve forces. The first Kell hounds fought the

Wolf's Dragoons    
Six Regiments plus special independent units. The Dragoons are the largest, best equipped, best trained mercenary unit in the Inner Sphere. The quality of their equipment is second only to COMSTAR and their second place position is definitely arguable. Their landhold of Outreach (the world they rule) is the clearinghouse for all mercenary operations in the Inner Sphere as well as the center for bonding and the Mercenary Review Board.

Their participation in the new SLDF and the attack on the Smoke Jaguars is undefined. Most likely all six regiments are still on Outreach waiting for when they are really needed. For example if the Jade Falcons, Wolves or Ghost Bears were to counterattack.

Eridani Light Horse    
Three Regiments. The Light Horse were originally a Star League Defense Force Unit that stayed in the Inner Sphere after the Exodus. They have remained particularly loyal to the ideals of the Star League. In recent years however, the Light Horsemen became somewhat dependent on the Davion "company store" which forced them into a situation in which their freedom was somewhat restricted. Fortunately, they're relationship with their Davion employers remained extremely positive which reduced the friction which might have occurred because of their dependence. With the reforming of the Star Leage, however, Archon Price Victor Steiner-Davion has released the RCT from their obligations to allow them to form the core of the new SLDF.

All three regiments are participating in Operation Serpent and General Winston is acting as Marshal Hasek-Davion's second in command. (Later, when he is killed, General Winston assumes command of the task force).

Northwind Highlanders    
Five Regiments. Descended from Star League Defence Force units, the Northwind Highlanders were dispossessed from their homeworld for centuries while they served House Liao. At the beginning of the Fourth Succession War they accepted an offer from Hanse Davion and switched sides when he allowed them to return to Northwind. Three Highlander regiments are participating in the SLDF offensive.

The Northwind Fusiliers take part in Operation Bulldog, assaulting two worlds. MacLeod's Regiment and the Northwind Hussars, on the other hand, are part of Operation Serpent, the SLDF assault on the Smoke Jaguar home world, Huntress. Interestingly, the Hussars are listed in The Dragon Roars (TDR) as being present in the Combine for Operation Bulldog. In The Hunters they are clearly a part of the multinational Operation Serpent and their commanding officer, Loren Jaffray is a minor character, so we can assume the reference in TDR is in error, and more likely it is one of the two Kearney regiments that is in the Combine.

Gray Death Legion    
One Regiment (Combined Arms). Founded by the very young Grayson Death Carlyle on the planet of Trell I where his father was killed by the treachery of the local government, engineered by the Draconis Combine Duke Ricol, the Gray Death have, in a single lifetime, become one of the finest mercenary units in the Inner Sphere. They have accomplished this without the benefit royal patronage or unusual heritage. For reasons stemming from his experience on Trell I, Carlyle made the Gray Death particularly adept at infantry anti-mech tactics.

Strangely, their participation in the Star League counter-offensive against the clans is not mentioned in either Grave Covenant or The Dragon Roars. Two reasons probably account for this. First, they are most likely still recovering from a series of hard won victories over the past four years, on their landhold of Glengarry, Caledonia and the industrial world of Hesperus. Second, the Gray Death are particularly loyal to House Steiner and seem to have thrown their lot in with Katherine Steiner-Davion and because of this loyalty are probably being held back by the Archon as part of her reserve.

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