Who's Who in the Inner Sphere


Victor Ian Steiner-Davion
Archon Prince of the Federated Commonwealth, Victor is Precentor Martial Focht's second in command. In fact, the seeds of the reborn Star League were born in Victor's mind during the multinational campaign against the Jade Falcons on the Lyran Alliance world of Coventry.

Morgan Hasek-Davion
Marshall of the Armies, Commander of the Armed forces of the Federated Commonwealth. Morgan is the Commander of Operation Serpent, the Inner Sphere attack on the Smoke Jaguar homeworld of Huntress.

Galen Cox/Jerard Cranston
Originally, aide to Victor Steiner-Davion in the 12th Donnegal Guards. Galen's death was faked to protect him from Katherine Steiner-Davion, with whom he was involved, but who, for political purposes, refused to warm him about an assasination attempt on his life. He is now known as Jereard Cranston, one of Victor's security advisors.

Hohiro Kurita
Son and heir of Theodore Kurita, Hohiro is the Commander of the First Genyosha.

Shin Yodama
A Yakuza inducted into the Mechwarrior corps by the reforms of Theodore Kurita. He is the Commander of the Izanagi Warriors (named to the post by Takashi Kurita for his devoted service to Hohiro Kurita).

Katherine Steiner-Davion
Oldest daughter of Hanse Davion and Melissa Steiner. Katherine split the Federated Commonwealth when she declared the independence of the Lyran Alliance, the Lyan portion of the FC.

Theodore Kurita
Coordinator of the Draconis Combine.

Omi Kurita
Oldest daughter of Theodore Kurita and Keeper of the Kurita House Honor. She is covertly romantically involved with Victor Steiner-Davion. If this relationship were to be generally known, it is believed that the resulting reaction could cause either the breakup of either or both the Federated Commonwealth and the Draconis Combine, and it could also force a war between the two states as hard-liners from each side might react violently.

Morgan Kell
Semi-Retired, co-founder of one of the most famous Mercenary Units in the Inner Sphere, the Kell Hounds. Leader of the Arc-Royal Defence Cordon. During the dispute between Victor and Katherine Steiner-Davion, Morgan declared the ARDC, fifteen worlds along the Lyran Alliance's border with the Jade Falcons, under his personal control for the purpose of coordinating their defence. His reason for doing this was because the feud between Victor and Katherine was distracting the Inner Sphere from the Clan threat.

Dan Allard
Brother of Justin Allard, Dan is now the field commander of the Kell Hounds.

Phelan Kell
Son of Morgan Kell and Khan of the Warden Wolves (Wolves in Exile) on Arc Royal.

Ariana Winston
General and Commanding Officer of the Eridani Light Horse. General Winston was chosen by Morgan Hasek-Davion to be his second in command of Operation Serpent.

Thomas Marik
Captain General of the Free World's League and a former Comstar Acolyte.

Sun-Tzu Liao
Chancellor of the Capellan Confederation. Sun-Tzu was also chosen to be the new First Lord of the restored Star League.

Kai Allard Liao
Commanding Officer of the First St. Ives Lancers and the heir apparent of the St. Ives Compact. Kai is a strong supporter of Victor Steiner-Davion, and is given credit, by many, for Victor's successes.

Candace Liao
Led the St. Ives Compact in it's bid to breakaway from the Capellan Confederation in 3034. She has ruled the Compact, largely from New Avalon (capital of the Federated Commonwealth) where her husband, Justin Allard, was an advisor to Hanse Davion. This situation, and the fact that the Compact is defended by a number of Davion BattleMech regiments, has led many to charge that the St. Ives Compact is nothing more than a client state of the Federated Commonwealth.

Anastasius Focht
Precentor Martial of ComStar, Anastasius Focht is the commander of Comstar's military assets, the ComGuards. He was chosen by the leaders of the Inner Sphere to lead the combined military effort to eject the clans from the Inner Sphere. In his previous life, before joining Comstar, he was Duke Fredrick Steiner.

Who's Who in the Clans

Vladimir Ward
Khan of the Wolf Clan, Vlad Ward is a staunch Crusader. Also, he has formed an unofficial alliance with Katherine Steiner-Davion of the Lyran Alliance. This is a potentially powerful alliance, but would probably result in the immediate death of either if it became known.

Marthe Pryde
Khan of the Jade Falcons.

Lincoln Osis
Smoke Jaguar Elemental. Lincoln Osis was chosen ilKhan of the clans but the Smoke Jaguar collapse under the weight of the Star league offensive, and consequently his handling of the situation, casts doubt on his ability to remain in the position.

Asa Taney

Kael Pershaw

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