What This Page Is

What This Page Is Not

In setting up this page, I realised that it is next to impossible for it to be "all things to all men" and satisfy everyone that accesses this site. This is especially so when it comes to content and layout.

Many of my pages are very wordy and full of text. There are not many pretty images and you may not enjoy reading the contents due to the heavy textual layout. This is the result of the goals and aims of this website as outlined above. A resource is simply that. It is not a resource if there is only skin and bones fleshed out with smoke and mirrors. However, I acknowledge my deficiency in some areas, and the consequent shallowness of those areas. I in no way profess to have perfection of insight into all matters, for only the Lord has such. However, as I have mentioned in the preface to the section on Revelation, I send forth this page with prayerful trust that it will help the Church, and in particular the "everyday" Christian, to galvanize into action. If it does this in any small way then "this my joy will be fulfilled."

Statements on what I believe in can be found in the Creeds and Confessions section.

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