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        What is PACE?

    What is PACE Resource?

    This section will explain the vision of PACE, and what we attempt to do.
    It also explains what this page is and is not, and the purpose of this page.

    Some Bible Study & Thoughts


    The Bible - The Word of God

    Found in this section are some Bible Study and Thoughts on various passages of the Bible

    More will be added as and when there's time.

    Difficult Topics


    This section is on tough questions and difficult topics, some of which have probably had us in a "catch-22" situation from time to time, trying to answer apparent contradictions or conundrums.

    For the time being, I'm going to limit it to passages from the Bible and theological concepts, rather than "general" topics such as evolution, abortion, teh halia, etc. Controversial topics may or may not be presented, depending on the subject matter and its relevancy to daily Christian living.

    Please e-mail me Biblical passages which you might consider either difficult to reconcile, or tough to understand or apply; and I will try to answer them (no guarantee that I'll succeed, though).

    Other Topics


    General Topics which don't fit into the cateogries of either Biblical studies, or Difficult topics, but which nonetheless are equally useful for the Christian life.

    Included in this section are the Creeds and Confessions - the Statements of Faith of the Church (and of PACE).

    Links & Latest


    Some articles to share,
    some other ways of looking at things,
    and links to other useful Christian sites.

    What's new at this site - Last updated on 16 October 2004

    Search Engines


    Can't find the verse you're looking for?

    Or you're adventurous and want to compare verses between different versions and languages?

    Try "Bible Gateway" or "CrossSearch" inside.

    Want something else? Use the extensive list of search engines here.

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