Heyl ha'Yam

Heyl ha'Yam is the black ocean naval and aerospace arm of the Pazan Regiment, an independant command in the BT universe of the 31st century. The organization of Heyl ha'Yam has no precedence in the Inner Sphere as its naval warship assets have been accrued differently. This is discussed in detail in the section on its TOE in the 31st century. However, much of its heritage and ethos from 20th century Terra is retained. The origin of the fleet is nominally the navy of the IDF, but in actuality draws from much older and stronger maritime traditions. The strategic and operational heritage of Heyl ha'Yam, or Pazan Fleet Command, is from the tactical amalgamation of the best of the British, German, and American blue water navies. Evidence of the influence of the Royal Navy, Kriegsmarine, and US Navy of 19th and 20th century Terra can be seen in Pazan's Fleet Command.

This site traces the history of the unit, from its historical inception to its current TOE. The 20th century history of the unit is fact, not fiction.