Heyl ha'Yam

The Pazan Regiment's naval asset TOE has long been a source of confusion and consternation to their enemies. The issue deals with the size of Pazan's naval assets, which are much larger than that expected of a mere mercenary command. The naval assets include 6 capital warships and numerous other warships and jumpships. As mentioned previously, the FWL has a standing naval technology transfer arrangement with Pazan. However, this alone will not account for all of Pazan's warships. The truth is that under one of the naval arms of Heyl ha'Yam, there is a naval commando force (Flotilla 13) that specialises in the boarding and capture of warships and jumpships. This force has been very successful in its long history.

Furthermore, one has to realize that Pazan has been acquiring and/or capturing warships since 2750 through the time of Kerensky's exodus till present. Such warships were hidden in cache locations to prevent their use (or misuse) during the first three Succession Wars, but owing to infringement of territorial integrity and the ferocity of the 4th Succession War and the Clan invasion, these warships have been brought back online for use by the Regiment. It was thus a great surprise to the Inner Sphere when it was revealed that Pazan had McKennas in their naval TOE, as such vessels had been deemed "extinct" since the days of Kerensky's Exodus.

The exact specifications and conditions of the warships are not clear presently, but it is known that Heyl ha'Yam has 6 capital warships, two in each class, as described below. There is also a strong rumor that Pazan also possesses a Cameron class warship, but that has yet to be revealed. Other ships they are rumored to have are listed here, and their names will be listed as and when confirmed.

Heyl ha'Yam TOE
Pazan Fleet Command Warships

Class    Ships  Name
    McKenna    2:  Bismarck & Tirpitz
Texas    2:  New Jersey & Wisconsin
Battle Cruiser   
Cameron    ?:  ?
Heavy Cruiser   
Sovetskii Soyuz    2:  Scharnhorst & Gneisenau
Aegis    ?:  ?
Kirishima    ?:  ?
Congress    ?:  ?
Kyushu    ?:  ?
Essex    ?:  ?
Impavido    ?:  ?
Lola    ?:  ?
Suffren    ?:  ?
:  ?
Vincent Mk42    ?:  ?
Potemkin    ?:  ?
York    ?:  ?