Saint James' Church Sunday Worship Services

PACE is not a ministry of, nor does it claim to represent, St James' Church Singapore. However, the impetus of the PACE movement originated from St James'. As such, most PACEsetters currently are members of St James' Church Singapore, and we warmly invite you to join us in our Sunday worship services.

St James' Church is an evangelical Anglican church belonging to the Diocese of Singapore, which in turn is part of the Anglican Province of South East Asia. Our sister dioceses are the Diocese of Sabah, the Diocese of Sarawak, and the Diocese of West Malaysia. The Diocese of Singapore itself covers the countries of Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. This means a mission field of more than 300 million people for the Diocese.

Click here if you want to see the logo of the Province, the logos of the Dioceses, and a map of the Mission field.

Our Bishop is the Rt Rev Dr Moses Tay, who is also the Archbishop of the Province; and our Vicar is the Rev Ng Koon Sheng.

We have three main congregations worshipping on Sundays - the English, Chinese, and the Indonesian. Unless otherwise stated, most of the services are at No. 1 Leedon Road, near Holland Village. Due to space constraints, some services are also conducted at the Grand Hyatt hotel in Scotts Road. The timings of the various services are as follows:

  8.30 am    English Worship Service
  8.30 am    English Worship Service
      (at Grand Hyatt Ballroom)
  8.45 am    Cantonese Worship Service
10.30 am    Indonesian/Malay Language Worship Service
      (at Grand Hyatt Ballroom)
11.00 am    English Worship Service
11.15 am    Mandarin Worship Service
  2.00 pm    Indonesian/Malay Language Worship Service
  2.30 pm    Super Powerkids
      (Children's Church)
  2.30 pm    Junior Youth Ministry - Live Wires
      (Ministry and service for youths ages 11-14)
  8.00 pm    Mandarin Worship Service
      (PRC Workers' Ministry)

The address and contact numbers of Saint James' Church is:

      1 Leedon Road
      Singapore 267828
      Tel     :   469-0715
      Fax     :   469-1095

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