Family Trees

This page traces families, and is meant for the family members to keep in touch as the years roll on, and for the younger members, to know who their relatives are and how they are related.

All family trees have to start somewhere. It is not Tan's, or Lim's, or Tay's or Choo's family tree. Fact of the matter is, there're so many interlinks that one simply has to start somewhere, using a single ancestor as a starting point.

I intend when this site is fully developed, to have hyperlinks from each name to either a picture, an e-mail, an address, or all of the above. If you have scans or pictures of our forefathers or yourselves, please pass them on to me and I can post it on the site. You can see examples of what I intend to do here from my ACS website on the main page (hyperlink below). Please also fill me in on the information gaps present in the trees (indicated by ???) or even new additions, omissions & updates.

For obvious reasons, I have used myself as a reference point to start the family tree(s). My paternal and maternal families are very large, and thus (hopefully) both the paternal and maternal family trees would eventually be posted here. A cousin coming in from a different point would share one tree with me and himself have another tree. An in-law would have two other trees. Eventually, if all of us are able to gather the data and write their own trees, we could have these separate trees all hyperlinked together in one site.

This site is not in the public domain, i.e. you will not find a link to this site from any other sites. This site is meant for family members, to prevent abuse by would-be advertisers. Therefore, if you go to my main website from here, you will not find a link on that site back to this one.

I will add the trees as and when I receive the data and/or HTML file for them. The trees will be listed by their respective point of reference, i.e. 1st & 2nd generation recorded. Eventually I hope to have a database of all the names featured in all the trees.

Family Tree of Tay Hong Guan, son of Tay ??? ???
Under construction.

Family Tree of Tan Chee Tong, son of Tan Sai Chai
This tree traces 122 individuals over five generations and three centuries starting from Tan Sai Chai in 1880.
Thanks to Uncle Him for providing more than one-third of the info, plus all the cousins for filling in their branch of the tree.

If you encounter any problems with the family tree page, i.e. your browser loads a blank page, just resize or reload your browser a few times. Don't ask me why it happens - it just happens.

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