About Charis Capital Ventures

Charis Capital Ventures is a division of Inspired Capital, a leader in start-up venture capital in the APEC region. In the majority of cases, we are the lead investor for a company's first round of financing. Charis Capital Ventures, or CCV as we are more commonly known, focuses on healthcare and life science businesses with enormous market potential. Our role is to help entrepreneurs achieve their maximum potential through team building, partnerships, advice and support, as well as investments. By pursuing a people-focused approach to venture capital investing, we continue to fund entrepreneurs with the energy, vision, experience, and desire to build great companies.

Industries in transition pose unique challenges and exciting opportunities for new and existing businesses, and the investors who finance them. At Inspired CCV, we’re helping both sides of the equation address those challenges and profit from those opportunities.

An industry in the throes of change

Healthcare and the life sciences represent a huge, and hugely diverse, segment of the economy. It is also an industry that is evolving quickly, thanks to demographic trends, the ongoing imperative to reduce healthcare costs, and advances in scientific and medical technologies. In everything from new drugs and medical devices to new ways of managing healthcare delivery, the opportunities for entrepreneurs are substantial.

At Inspired CCV, we’ve been active in the sectors that comprise healthcare, and today, we focus on companies engaged in biotechnology, bio-informatics, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and drug delivery, and information, management, and outsourcing services – the companies that are changing the “what” and the “how” of healthcare.

Charis Capital Ventures is committed to providing capital to the healthcare and life sciences industry. CCV investments in this industry include a significant interest in life sciences, as well as developing products, devices and technologies that have the potential for significant market acceptance. CCV also aggressively pursues investments in the life sciences information technology sector. We take great interest in the crossroads where healthcare services intersects with information technology. We are actively looking at venture capital investments in companies developing new approaches to healthcare information systems and services, particularly companies that are applying the Internet to this sector.

A private equity investment firm

Charis Capital Ventures is a private equity investment firm with a group of venture capital professionals who specialize in providing advisory services and obtaining expansion capital for early stage firms.

The venture capital business has changed. No longer about simply funding companies, venture capital is about building tomorrow’s market leaders. The entrepreneurs who build new technology companies face many challenges in a high-velocity, fast-changing environment. Successful start-up companies need to rapidly assemble the people, the technology, the partnerships and the dollars necessary to reach critical mass. It is essential that entrepreneurs find the right venture capital partner.

CCV’s philosophy is to form partnerships with entrepreneurs to build market leaders by "thinking outside the box"

CCV has the size, the strategy, and the track record to help entrepreneurs build successful companies. We have the vision and curiosity to explore new opportunities. We have the knowledge and experience to help build a fast growing company in a changing world. We have the resources and contacts to help entrepreneurs build the best team, forge the best partnerships and seize the right opportunities.

Our Approach

We are looking for home run potential in large and growing markets. Technology shifts happens in waves, and we look for companies that are targeting emerging technology waves. Currently, we are actively investing in the following areas:

  • Bioinformatics & databases
  • Biotechnology
  • Drug development
  • Gene delivery systems
  • Gene therapy
  • Medical devices
  • Molecular diagnostics

We are typically the first institutional investor in our portfolio companies. Charis Capital Ventures takes a pro-active approach to deal generation, utilizing aggressive sourcing and marketing programs, reinforced by focused research into emerging technologies and promising market segments. Employing a team approach, CCV commits several individuals to the pre-investment analysis of a target company. That same team remains in-place post investment and is at the disposal of our portfolio companies to assist in the building process.

CCV invests at all stages of the growth cycle, from incubations and seed situations, to mezzanine and technology buyouts. Our investments range from $0.5 million to $5 million per deal. Most importantly, however, in addition to financial resources, we commit our time, our people and our network to a venture's success. We leverage the institutional knowledge built through years of technology and industry focus to identify companies with the ingredients for category leadership. The CCV team then dedicates its efforts into assisting entrepreneurs and management teams realize their potential.

We also target special situation investment opportunities in later-stage technology companies that can benefit from the same skills and resources we bring to our early-stage investments. These investments could be divisional spinouts, buyouts, recapitalizations, industry consolidations or a variety of other possible transactions in both private and public companies.

Our Investment Focus targets companies well positioned to exploit huge opportunity in the emerging Networked Economy. Those with strong management teams. The potential to deliver unique value to their customers. And a strategy for leading their industry segments. Our Investment Criteria enables us to invest in companies across a wide spectrum of development from early-stage to buyouts.

The profile for the typical investment candidate has the following attributes, revenues under US$10 million, profitable on a monthly basis within one year of capitalization, ownership of unique technology, capital needs of US$0.5 to $5 million, and a comprehensive business plan. We work with companies beyond the research and development stage who have at least modest revenues or expect to very shortly after capitalization. Additionally, we require that candidates have experienced management identified for all the primary functional areas, usually sales, development, and operations.

Once we've invested in a company, we typically join the Board of Directors. Together, we do whatever it takes to build the fundamental value of the company and support management's vision. Specifically, we can:

  • Optimize business strategies to increase revenues and profitability;
  • Assist management in acquiring complementary product lines or businesses;
  • Help to build strong management teams; and
  • Create strategic relationships that enable management to expand its markets.

Charis Capital Ventures invests in opportunities that offer a strong financial rate of return. But more importantly, a potential portfolio company or technology must offer core strategic value to CCV. We invest in opportunities only where CCV can either enhance a success factor or reduce a risk factor of the portfolio company. Charis focuses on generating opportunities that require relatively small amounts of capital but, if successful, can meaningfully impact CCV.

Charis Capital Ventures believes its capabilities make it a desirable partner. Because few single entities have all the assets necessary to build a successful interactive service or internet business, it is critical to establish complimentary partnerships. We have done that and will continue to do so. CCV is rethinking the traditional business models … and reinventing information, healthcare, and life science businesses.

In addition to investing in firms, CCV partners are available for advisory assignments on behalf of technology investors and firms including:

Business and Strategic Planning
Market Studies
Financial Planning
Due Diligence
Company Valuation

We believe that venture partners must think and act as if they were hired by the management team. We're ready to take on assignments and work on behalf of the CEO. Some of the services we provide to our entrepreneurs include:

  • Helping entrepreneurs grow into great CEOs.
  • Acting as a "rubber wall" in consultation on strategy and operational issues.
  • Assisting in identification and recruitment of key employees and board members.
  • Providing introductions to important partners in key software, hardware, Internet, distribution, and systems integration companies.
  • Assisting in developing product and marketing strategies.
  • Assisting in additional financing including any subsequent venture financing, bank debt, mergers and acquisition or IPOs.
  • Providing introduction to investment bankers and analysts in preparation of an IPO.

Charis Capital Ventures has its regional headquarters in Singapore. Our geographical preference for capitalization assignments is the APEC region but will consider working outside this geography in special cases. Advisory/consultancy services are available internationally. If you would like to know whether the profile of your firm or technology meets the above criteria, CCV encourages you to visit our Investment Criteria page, fill in the online proposal form and/or email an executive summary with contact information or mail (to be assured of a reply, include an email address) to:

The Administrator
Charis Capital Ventures