When C. H. Brewitt-Taylor translated "The Three Kingdoms" early in the 20th century, there was no systematic or standard transliteration of Chinese words into English. As a result, Chinese character names and location names were phonetically transliterated into the closest sounding English word. Such names may or may not make sense to the modern reader, Chinese, Western, or otherwise.

With the advent of the hanyu pinyin system standardized by the Chinese government since the 1960s, this latest English version of "The Three Kingdoms" has had the Chinese names updated to the proper hanyu pinyin names by the editor, Snow N. Snow.

Some examples of the changes are as follows:

The main character T'sao Tsao to Cao Cao
The advisor S'suma E to Sima Yi
The city H'siang Yang to Xiangyang

The hanyu pinyin naming has been applied throughout this translation, unlike the preceeding work Sun Tze on the Art of War where the existing transliterated names have been left unedited.


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