Biography of

Major "Chiong-ah" Leng

MAJ Leng was born on the capital planet of the Capellan Confederation, Sian. As a member of the Sword Nobility he was privileged to gain admittance to the War College on Capella.

The War College on Capella was founded in 2270, created in the same year as the Capellan Hegemony. One of the oldest academies in the Inner Sphere, the War College remains at the cutting edge of training recruits for 31st century warfare. Many previous winners of the Confederation Master at Arms award serve as War College instructors. The War College accepts only those applicants who show the greatest promise. Students study the classics of warfare, such as Sun-Tzu and Von Clausewitz, along with contemporary masters of the battlefield such as Anastasius Focht and Shiao-zhang Jasmine Liu. Following graduation, Leo Leng transferred to Sian University. Though it cannot match the facilities of the famed NAIS, Sian University has made impressive gains in the past decade. Its large main campus lies just outside Sian's capital city of Zi-jin Cheng. Sian University hosts the CCAF's lauded Officer Candidate Program, also known as Hen gao Xiao-lu, the High Path. The OCP takes officer candidates from the Center for Martial Disciplines as well as those that transfer from other academies.

Upon graduation from the OCP, he was selected by the Red Lancers Regiment of the Capellan Hussars. In this unit Leo Leng served with distinction, especially during Operation Gurrero, and consequently awarded the Confederation Master at Arms award and the Liao Sunburst of Gallantry medal. Promoted to Sao-shao, his company was detached from the Red Lancers when the latter was sent to Taskforce Serpent. Instead his company was involved in Chancellor Liao's Xin Sheng effort to recover the St Ives Compact for the Confederation. As in other cases, his clashes with Kali Liao's Thuggee cult during the Wei attacks led the cultists to conspire with the Maskirovka to discredit Sao-shao Leo Leng, and possibily disable him. This turn of events led him to leave the service of the CCAF.

Moving on to Solaris VII, he quickly made a name for himself, and rose to challenge the defending Champion, Sam. However, after a few encounters in the arenas, during which they earned each others' mutual respect, Sam had by then left to join The Wild Geese. Leo Leng then became the undisputed Champion of Solaris VII. Sam then recommended Leo Leng to LTC Mike, who made him an offer he could not refuse - a return to real combat. Despite his previous officer status in the CCAF, Leo Leng decided not to take up a commissioned status and joined The Wild Geese as a gunnery master sergeant. However, due to the early semi-retirement of XO Sam, Leo Leng has since been promoted to the post of Company 2IC and currebtly holds the rank of Major.