Biography of

Warrant Officer "Tyson" Damien

WO2 Damien is a native of the planet of Oriente in the Free Worlds League. As a matter of natural progression, he joined the Princefield Military Academy located on his home planet of Oriente.

The Free World League Defence Forces (FWLDF) are composed of forces from across the range of sub-states that make up the Free Worlds League. This is also true of the military training facilities that produce trained warriors. Most of the major provinces maintain their own academies with many smaller provinces sending their troops to the larger and better equipped facilities available elsewhere. The quality of graduate ranges from exceptional, the Marik sponsored facilities on New Olympia, to barely adequate, the privately run Hero Training Institute on Maxwell. The Princefield has a tradition dating back more than 700 years. Students undertake an 18 month course before diverging into two streams. The top 20% are eligible for two years additional training as mechwarriors or ASF pilots, while the remainder undertake a further 6 to 12 months training for a career in the conventional military arms. Competition is extremely fierce, with extreme pressure on students to excel and make "the cut". One tradition is that duels between students are sanctioned, with duels to the death a possible option. From Princefield, Damien moved on to The Allison Mechwarrior Institute on New Olympia. Students attending the Allison receive perhaps the finest military education available in the Free Worlds League. Its three year curriculum covers a wide gamut of courses designed to prepare students for entry into the Free Worlds Guards or the Marik Militia.

Graduating at the top of his class, Damien was naturally selected for entry into the 1st Free Worlds Guards unit. In various actions he distinguished himself, leading up to Operation Gurrero where he won his Captaincy for his combat victory against the Federated Commonwealth forces. Agents from the seccessionist Duchy of Andurien then tried to recruit him, but this was exposed by the Free World League's intelligence agency, SAFE. Though CPT Damien was innocent, this episode tainted his military record and he was dispossessed of his mech and moved to a deskbound job repairing computers and setting up trial databases. Being thus disenfranchised, he quit the FWL military altogether, and set out for Solaris VII to try and win back a mech. A chance encounter with the ex-Solaris Champions Sam and Chiong-ah Leng over a cup of timbiqui dark in the Sime Lime sector of Solaris led to his being introduced to LTC "Mad Mike" Michael. Damien was brought into The Wild Geese, his expertise in assault mechs being a great boost to the mercenary company. Damien requested for an NCO rank as he felt that he wanted the liberty of "brawling" and being the "tough guy " without having to keep the image required of officers.