Mercenary Company
"The Wild Geese"

Commanding Officer: Major The Right Honorable Michael Woong MBE VC
Unit Motto: "Get out of the way - I am late for a meeting!"

Custom Decals used by the Unit

Description of the Decals

    Sparta Tottenham Hotspurs The Wild Geese
    Sparta Tottenham Hotspurs Memphis Belle
    The Black Watch Liverpool FC Challenger Tank
    The Iron Brigade Liverpool FC ACS
    Légion Etrangère Manchester United RI
    Strumtruppe Edelweiss Miami Dolphins Warrior House Ma-Tsu Kai
    Long Range Desert Group Dilbert Northwind Highlanders
    The Parachute Regiment Dilbert Barracuda
    Special Air Service Regiment Dogbert Barracuda
    Selous Scouts Ratbert Crusader Tank
    188th "Barak" Brigade Snoopy Crusader Tank
    7th Armored Brigade Snoopy Cuda Tank
    Golani Brigade Snoopy Cuda Fish
    Northern "Pazan" Command Snoopy House of Cudakazi
    Sayaret Tzanhanim Ugh! Wild Fish
    7th Armoured Division
"The Desert Rats"
Double Ugh! Typhoon
    7th Armoured Division
"The Desert Rats"
"Requiescat In Pace"
Ice Blended
            Chokobo Avis
            Velociraptor SCGS
            Catbert SPS