Mech Troy

The Iliadin

A Classics BattleTech Novel by Homer S

Chapter 01 - Mech Troy

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The characters described in the following text are purely fictitious, and any resemblances to any person living or dead is purely coincidental.

Chapter 1 - Mech Troy

For almost ten long years, the Ferro Fibrous-clad Wild Geese had camped outside Troy, toiling in vain to capture the famed city. The Wild Geese had come in their thousand dropships and repeatedly charged their mechs against windy Ilium and her lofty towers.

Now, the WG were in deep trouble. Their famed warrior, Sherman Tank the great runner, was sitting, sulking in his tent and not taking part in battle. Why was this you may ask? It was because the imperious commander of the WG, Challenger Tank, had taken away his favourite prize, a model Sherman tank, that Sherman had captured during one of the many raids on the surrounding territory.

With his withdrawal, the Trojan Clan had forced the WG back to their very ships and holding on for dear life.

The battle lines clashed the next morning and the screams of the dying were mingled with the vaunts of their destroyers, and the earth ran with blood.

Doughty Barak of the loud war-cry, stepped forth from among the WG and fired all his Ultra Cannon 10s at the enemy. He did not fire in vain and knocked over the noble Hypsenor, son of the proud Dolopion, in his Mad Cat. Hypsenor did not get up. Quickly Barak sought out more victims.

Next, the excellent Cuda of the nimble wits singled out Ilioneus, son of Phorbas, a favourite in Troy, in single combat. Their Hauptmanns exchanged PPCs with Ilioneus firing first. His PPCs struck Cuda's mech full in the chest and burrowed its way through three layers of armour before the fourth stopped the PPC from doing any further damage. However, Cuda's volley smote brave Ilioneus in the right leg, which had been stripped of armour and caused it to disintegrate. Ilioneus ejected double quick, leaving his mech as a prize for the triumphant Cuda.

Great-hearted Chokobo, with his ear-piercing war cry, took on the illustrious Sthenelaus son of Ithaemenes and his MMRMs struck the right torso of Sthenelaus, causing the Trojan to fall back amongst his friends, unable to get back to his feet.

Whilst the WG was causing heavy casualties on the left, their right flank was also doing grave damage.

Shooting Star, sacker of cities, was causing havoc. His Hunchback darted in and out of the enemy ranks causing considerable consternation. In one bold move, he disabled the mech of Laodamas the noble son of Antenor, a lance commander. Laodamas tried to hop around on one leg for a short while before giving up.

The illustrious Super Sonic brandished his fearsome array of ERLs at the enemy and fired into the crowded ranks of the enemy. Rushing forward, the unfortunate Alcathous, son of royal Aesyetes, and son-in-law to Anchises caught the full blast of the ERLs fired by Sonic and disappeared in a mass of fire and smoke.

Giant Robo of the nimble feet sent an arm crashing down onto the head of Harpalion, son of King Pylaemenes, who had come with his father to the Trojan war, never to return to his own country again. The armoured head of Harpalion was not designed to protect against such a devastating blow and crumpled like tin foil.

Then the peerless Ice leapt out from the front line, took a quick look round, and let fly with his mighty Thunderbolts. But he had not cast them for nothing. He caught Melanippus, the proud son of Hicetaon, in the centre torso as he was coming up into the fight. Melanippus fell with a crash and night descended on his eyes.

Challenger Tank of the bright helmet, sniped away at the enemy, piercing more than one cuirass worn by a Trojan mech.

Alas for the WG, Hector, tamer of horses and the best mechwarrior of the Trojan Clan, came charging through the centre and smashed his way through the WG lines, causing the rest of the WG forces to rout as well.

The WG ran like frightened sheep back to their dropships and might well have left the shores of horse-breeding Ilium had not fleet-footed Sherman made a dramatic return to the fray. First, Sherman struck Pylaemenes, commander of the gallant Paphlagonian mechwarriors, then Axylus son of Teuthranus, who came from the pleasant town of Arisbe. He was a wealthy man, who lived well in his house by the roadside, and had made himself popular by entertaining all comers. But none of his friends came forward now to tackle the enemy for him and save him from a dreadful end.

The long-haired WG rallied and threw the enemy back to the walls of Troy, to be penned up like sheep once more.

In celebration of their great victory, the WG held victory games for the next twelve days and started building a huge wooden horse……..

Long after the war had ended in a resounding WG victory, there is now a saying that one should not take a tank from a friend, no matter how lousy it is.

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