Biography of

Lieutenant Colonel The Right Honorable "Mad Mike" Michael VC DSO OBE

LTC "Mad Mike" Michael was born on the capital planet of the Federated Suns, New Avalon. He was privileged to be granted admittance to the exclusive Latymer College of the New Avalon Institute of Science (NAIS).

Throughout the Inner Sphere there is one place that has become a symbol of learning, progress and hope. Created by Hanse Davion in the early thirty-first century in a bold attempt to halt the crippling slide into ignorance that threatened to engulf the human race, the New Avalon Institute of Science quickly became the centre of learning and excellence. With the resources that each successive leader of the Federated Suns devoted to the project, the Institute easily drew to it the best minds from across the Inner Sphere, and students of a calibre to match. Famed as the first establishment of learning to unlock the original Star League memory core uncovered by the Grey Death Legion on Helm before the 4th Succession War, the NAIS was also home to such remarkable units as Team Bonsai and their enigmatic leader, Dr. R Raisley. Even before the First Clan War, the institute had always made places available to students from beyond the Federated Suns boarders, and an extensive system of preparatory schools attached to the facility, such as Latimer, had also sprung up to supply the brightest and the best.

Upon graduation from the NAIS at the top of his class in legal accounting, Mike was given the opportunity to volunteer for the unit of his choice. The young mechwarrior chose to join the 3rd Parachute Battalion of the Davion Heavy Guards. This unit specialised in high altitude combat drops of mechs from dropships in low orbit. In this role Mike quickly rose through the ranks to attain command of a 'mech company by the time of the Clan invasion and he was instrumental during Operation Bulldog in recovering the planet of Falklands from Clan Smoke Jaguar.

However, with the usurpation of the throne by Katherine Steiner-Davion, and the subsequent disenfranchisement of true Davionists, Mike left the AFFS and embarked on his mercenary career. Quickly gathering around him a team of similarly disenfranchised warriors from throughout the Inner Sphere, he dubbed his combat team "The Wild Geese". Based on Outreach, the home of Wolf's Dragoons, The Wild Geese soon made a reputation for itself, earning an A* rating from the Dragoons and becoming its preferred trading partner.

The Wild Geese's most famous exploit to date was their action on the planet Congo in the Periphery, where they conducted a deep combat drop into the Belgian continent of Congo and rescued President M'bou M'tombe from the Mau Mau insurrectionists. It was this action that gained Mike the nickname of "Mad Mike", after the famous (or notorious) 20th century mercenary "Mad Mike" Hoare.

Their reputations made, Mike managed to seize a jumpship from the New Belt Pirates, which he promptly renamed "The Creative". Together with their Union-class dropship, "Blaster Sound", Mike has led The Wild Geese on ever more daring contracts and exploits ever since.