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City-State of Robotec
Province of Yakuza
6 July 3239


From: Cpt. Sonic Assault (Yellow Tang [JSDC-SC] )
Subject: OriX gone missing! Part 1
Date Sent: 7/6/3239 11:50:00 PM

"Rescue Delta to Geylang 88, we're picking up a weak friendly signal.."
"This is Geylang 88, Can you confirm? "

Immediately after the cease fire, Commander Sonic ordered a HUGE Rescue mission. An entire Assault company led by OriX had gone missing.

Sonic began to blame himself. "*&%$...! I should have kept an eye on him, he is a good warrior but still makes the same mistake"

"Rescue Delta to Gey.... Darn it!.. What the &%$#..., THIS IS RECUE DELTA, please secure cordinate 253,528! I think we found him! Mech salvage everywhere.... Clearly viewable from the sky.... There is still some small arms firing at our lost company"

"SMALL ARMS FIRING? Get my Highlander ready! Inform Elite Company (Yellow Tang) we are going in! Tell BSO Home Guard to prepare his elite force and secure the north, Shooting Star to secure the south, Liquid Iron to the East and Zebra the west. Yellow Tang OP1 is to establish C4i functions!"

"But Sir, this is a rescue operation! Its a bloody waste of resource to move the entire company of each empire"

"I want OriX back, I cannot take any chances, and do NOT question my authority! Inform Raptor and Peanut to standby as well."

"Sorry Sir, never know you are so sentimental"


"Area Secure, Demonhunter out"
"Area Secure, Cuda out"
"Area Secure, Star out"
"Area Secure, hey, i can see Raptor outpost from here clearly...
"All Areas Secure, Geese out!"

1 hour later...
"Sir, we have found Starslayer salvage"
"Bring me there, NOW!"
Sonic found OriX lying in the Mech wreck, still breathing and whispering to him. He brought his ear closer.

"Sirrr... I ... I let youuu doownn"

"OriX, I did not come to you when you called for assistance. It was either BSO or you. I made a wrong decision, you have DP mechs and he didn't. Your Firepower is greater. What happened?"

"Siirr, therees sstealthh towers everywhhhere... Steallthh" OriX fainted.

"Stealth? You got killed by stealth towers? How could that be????? Talk to me! Rescue Alpha!!!! Send him back to the hospital ..NOW!. Tell everyone to move out! And if they attack this zone again, I want the entire Faction eliminated!!!!"


To: All Members of My Faction
From: Lt. Stepney (Yellow Tang OP1 [JSDC-SC] )
Subject: BattleComms report
Date Sent: 7/8/3239 12:20:00 PM

Maj Sonic - this is a transcript which we filtered from the BattleComms from OriX -

[Begin transcript]

... "This is HQ to any available units... we have OriX down at Nav Gamma. Bravo Cadet reports all searchers on site. Bandits are hostile... repeat bandits are hostile."

[Sonic]: "HQ this is Sonic Assault.. I'm on my way, bearing 0-2-5, ETA 34 secs"

[OriX]: "Sonic Assault... this is OriX... I got bandits all over me... can you git down here"

[Sonic]: "Sit tight OriX I got visual"

[OriX]: "I've got hip actuators out, targeting systems damaged... I'm in bad shape"

[Enemy detected]

[OriX]: "Enemy mech on the line!"

[Sonic]: "Roger... I've got him"


[OriX]: "Its got a lock on me... its got a lock... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhrrrr" ...[static]

[End transcript]


To: All Members of My Faction
From: Cpt. Sonic Assault (Yellow Tang [JSDC-SC] )
Subject: OriX gone missing part 2
Date Sent: 7/9/3239 2:50:00 AM

"All JSDC-SC flags to fly at half mast. Inform his family", Sonic murmured to Lt. Stepney.

There is an absolute silence except for a faint continuous beeping sound in the background, sounding vaguely like the ancient terran handphone or pager carried by Demonhunter.

"Can someone throw that bloody *&%$ machine away!" Maj. Meteorae shouted!

Then a loud wail pierced the sombre mood.

"Its my fault! Its all my fault! I should not have called for unnecessary reinforcements." Cpt Demonhunter cried while pulling out something.

Lt. Ironhorse and Lt. Stepney quicky pushed the pistol away.

[10 seconds before OriX's death]

"It take.. long to find the stea..th to.w.er [Cough]. Tired.... I take nap... When i open my eyes...[Pause]..PPC... straight into the cockpit [Heavy coughing..]" OrgX spoke his last sentence.

Sonic Assault was quiet. Still stunned and at a lost for words.
Sonic Assault wondered how could anyone sleep in the middle of a battlefield?
"What's he doing the night before?"

"Rest in peace, my warrior! Rest in peace!" Sonic Assault walked away....


From: Cpt. Sonic Assault (Yellow Tang [JSDC-SC] )
Subject: OriX gone missing part 3
Date Sent: 7/17/3239 12:40:00 AM

Sonic Assault stared at the half-mast flag. Tears flowed from his weary eyes. He remembers the good times he has had with OriX.
"I have failed in my job, I had told him so many times not to sleep during battle but somehow, it still didn't get into his head!" sigh...

"Cpt. Demonhunter, summon all commanders in JSDC-SC immediately, I have an announcement to make. And where the heck is Maj. Tony Mobb? I am still waiting for those supplies to be sent to Alantia"

"Sir, all commanders have been informed except Maj. Tony Mobb. He left a message and 200 million. Then he left again. Why is he always leaving us, especially during war...."
"STOP IT! I don't want to hear that again. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? He is... my Boss and yours. Remember that!"
"Sorry sir"
"Demonhunter, of all my commanders, you are the best but you should learn to think and speak from your brain, not your rear."
Go take a rest my Warrior! I will ask Lt. Stepney to gather the rest "

[Begin Transmission]
"This is Lt. Stepney, all commanders is to report Geylang 88 for a briefing from Sonic Assault in T-48 hrs."
[End Transmission]


To: All Members of My Faction
From: Lt. Stepney (Yellow Tang OP1 [JSDC-SC] )
Subject: Startling info on OriX
Date Sent: 7/17/3239 10:50:00 PM

Maj Sonic sir!
We've just unearthed intelligence about OriX! It seems that years ago he had illicit dealings with The Clans. As a result of this, the Clanners rewarded him with a slot in their Genetic Repository, and made a Trueborn clone of Freebirth OriX. We're not really sure which Clan would stoop so low as to accept freebirth DNA into their repository. But that would explain the sightings we see of OriX "alive" when we all saw his dying moments in the destroyed Starslayer. Elvis lives!

Province of S'pore
Free Worlds League
17 January 3064


What was supposed to be a peaceful trip home for Mechwarrior Super Sonic of the famed mercenary command called The Wild Geese has turned out to be a exercise in frustration.

Leaving his tried and trusted Daishi battlemech back on Outreach with his comrades, Super Sonic tried out his recently acquired MechKia on the highways of his home, the province of S'pore on his homeworld of Oriente.

Super Sonic had overclocked the MechKia's top speed of 50 kph to 65 kph by adding extra heat sinks. Taking the MechKia at this high speed of 65 kph, which seemed fast to him given that he was always piloting a lumbering Daishi, he sped down the highway and missed two new features which were implemented while he was off planet in battle with the Wild Geese.

Firstly, he sped past a new sign that restricted the highway's top speed to 60 kph. And as that image burned into his realization, he missed the second new feature, an Electromagnetic Radiation Protection (ERP) gantry, and went right through it.

The ERP gantry was a tool implemented by the Province to tax MechWarriors for the amount of electromagnetic radiation contained the mechs' fusion engine.

A security hovercar pulled alongside Super Sonic's MechKia and requested him to pull off to the side of the highway. On inspecting the MechKia, it was discovered that the mech did not have an In-Mech Unit (IU) mounted. The obnoxious security personnel, not knowing of Super Sonic or the Wild Geese's reputation, officiously declared, "Sir, you have exceeded the speed limit of 60 kph, and your mech went past the ERP gantry without a valid IU. Fine 3,000,000 c-bills, payable to ComStar or Word of Blake."

According to eyewitness reports, Super Sonic was totally frustrated, snapped, and had replied "C-bills? I don't have no c-bills. Here, eat my PPC." Following which there was a bright blue flash and the ERP gantry became a mass of slagged and twisted ferro-metal.

It took considerable effort to calm down the famed MechWarrior, and, as this reporter found out, top provincial and planatery leaders had to intervene and quietly let the matter rest with no further prosecution. After all, Super Sonic could level the entire city if he so wished. And if he had been wrongfully confined, his comrades from the Wild Geese would be onplanet in no time to procure his release from the functional end of an autocannon.

When queried later why he had chosen a MechKia of all mechs available, Super Sonic had replied, "MechKia comes with 3 year waranty. Most mech don't last that long anyway!"

However, reports from other MechKia pilots in the field has testified that the MechKia has very low armour. Three shots from a pea-shooter can cause all doors to fall off... increase the calibre to coconuts and you get it reduced to Uller size.

When facesd with these facts, Super Sonic replied, "At least there is armour. Will have to wait until more funds are forthcoming from his Wild Geese employer before ungrading to MechToyota or MechNissan of the same tonnage. He then threatened to bring all reporters for a spin when the MechKia obtained its COE.

Speaking to local mechtechs, they advised Super Sonic that if he needed any extras, try the BlackMarket (the local version is called Sungei Rd). They may have drop tanks, arrester hooks, jumper wire jets and other pieces salvaged from the field of similar models. The last they heard was that they are able to put together a MechMerc and a MechKia and named it MRT.

Solaris VII
Lyran Alliance
14 January 3064


So spoke the Chairman of the Olympic Committee. This time, nothing was spared to make sure that this year's Mech Olympics would be the best ever. Every last detail was scrutinised to ensure an enjoyable and spectacular event.


This was not arranged in weight classes such as heavyweight, middleweight, etc. Instead. each Clan would choose mechs based on total tonnage. The grand final saw the Wild Geese represented by Cuda in his formidable 100-ton Daishi. Facing him were five members of the ManU Clan in their tiny 30-ton Ullers. The five Ullers or the "Five Musketeers" as their fans called them (or the "Five Fleas" as their opponents called them") had cast aside all opposition during their passage to the final, despite often being outweighed on an individual basis. Their swarming technique left all opponents off-balanced and dazed. Many an Atlas were hamstrung or knocked senseless.

Cuda was an old hand in facing scores of "little ones" after many battles in The Canyon and the rolling hills of Aspen. He knew what to do. Or so people thought.

He started badly. The Ullers buzzed around his stationary mech, pounding away with light jabs to the back, legs and the head. Cuda just stayed motionless, apparently not knowing which mech to strike at, such was the ferocity of the opponents' attacks. Soon, the unthinkable happened.

"He's cut! I don't believe it," shouted an excited TV commentator. "A cut has opened above Cuda's right eye and mech coolent has started flowing out. Surely he can't see a thing!" Cuda hadn't thrown a single punch in the first three rounds.

Then, it happened.

Boom!! A thumping right upper cut sent an Uller flying out of the boxing ring and into the crowd. The other four Ullers stood temporarily motionless, stunned. That proved the undoing of another Uller as Cuda sent a straight armed jab that flung the Uller against the ropes and over them. Soon the other three Ullers desperately tried jabbing at Cuda's right leg, but nothing could escape those crunching overhead punches that winded and knocked the stuffing out of the remaining Musketeers. The ring became littered with three Ullers flat on their backs, with no chance of meeting the mandatory count to ten.

The crowd was silent initially after such an awesome display before erupting in enthusiastic applause.

The same TV commentator asked Cuda afterwards "How do you intend to celebrate?"

Cuda replied "I look forward to some nice fish and chips" before politely leaving the press conference. What a mech warrior. What a knockout performance.


This was introduced for the first time in the Mech Olympics and no-one knew what to expect. This inexperience showed amongst the competitors.

The HJ Clan used a Cougar as their instrument of hurling a special hardened tungsten javelin as far as possible. Using its great speed to generate lift, the long dragging arms of the mech however, proved its undoing. As the javelin was thrown back viciously before its launch, it got stuck in the ground and the mech tumbled over on its follow through, throwing an imaginary javelin into the air. If a mech could look embarrassed, this was it.

The Aiel Clan used an Atlas. This could not even throw the javelin as the mech would crush the javelin, causing howls of frustration in the Aiel camp.

The Ars_nal Clan were disqualified as their Chimera forgot to let go of the javelin and accidentally turned on its jump jets as it threw. The result? The javelin was "thrown" the furthest that day but since the mech accompanied the javelin on its journey, the unfortunate mech was disqualified.

The Wild Geese showed why they are lean, mean and smart. Super Sonic used his Vulture and fixed the javelin to his LRM rocket launcher and off it sailed in a beautiful trajectory. A new Games Record!

After the event, when asked about the secret to his success, Super replied "Diet is important. I eat well, I sleep well, and I exercise every day. I watch Tottenham Hotspur holovids as recreation to relax and inspire me."

More exciting updates in the next bulletin.....

Solaris VII
Lyran Alliance
8 January 3064


In the inaugural MechWarrior F.A. Cup Final, the Wild Geese won a memorable soccer game over their arch-rivals, the HJ Clan by the incredible score of 5-0.

The game saw sublime soccer skills on display as ponderous mechs showed their graceful side as well as their power and speed. The highly favoured HJ Clan made some big tactical mistakes both before and during the game. The most glaring was their choice of having the goalkeeper in a 100-ton Atlas, the thinking being that the large mech would fill the entire goal mouth!

This tactic was shown to be folly after only four minutes as Challenger Tank, in a tiny Raven, weaved his way past three mech defenders and snuck up right under the goalie and deftly shot through the Atlas' legs. The goalkeeper never even saw the Raven. The Atlas had an embarrassed smile after the goal.

At the other end, Cuda was simply magnificent in goal. His choice of having a nimble Chimera equipped with jump jets paid huge dividends as he made one leaping save after another.

Barak was the midfield general of the WG in his Loki. His long range passes over the heads of defenders were a joy to watch.

The other midfield colossus for the WG was Giant Robo. His physical never-say-die style of play in his Mad Cat II meant that HJ simply had no room in midfield. Giant's crunching tackles were a sight to behold.

The WG defence was like a rock. Super Sonic was simply superb. The Uller is well known for its spectacular long slides after being hit with heavy weapons. Super made use of this attribute and practised for long hours perfecting the art of the sliding tackle. He isn't known as "Mr. Slide" for nothing!

The left flank was well taken care of by the speedy Sherman Tank. His Osiris would blaze past the opposition and leave fallen mechs in his wake.

After going one goal up, the Wild Geese scored a lovely second goal ten minutes later. From a curling free kick on the left by Barak, Giant Robo defied gravity using his jump jets to score an amazing overhead kick. Even landing upside down didn't dampen his mood nor his teammates as they celebrated afterwards.

Just before half time, a booming goal kick by Cuda, which looked suspiciously as if the ball was helped on its way by an LRM20, caught the HJ by surprise. The tall bounce was taken down by Sherman who laid it off for Stardust to hammer in a low shot. The goalkeeper couldn't reach down far enough to stop the ball!

After half time, the game was more even as the HJ desperately mounted attack after attack. However, their attacks lacked penetration and one promising foray down the left wing by HJ's Balshain was dashed by a sliding tackle from Mr. Slide.

Play was briefly held up when a Daishi accidentally squashed the ball under one foot.

Later on an ugly incident occurred when the HJ captain, Cerberus, fired an LBX10 at the back of Challenger in frustration. Challenger whirled round in fury and fired a Thunderbolt at the groin of Cerberus. Other mechs piled in and the officials had a tough time untangling the mechs from the ensuing rugby scrum. Both Cerberus and Challenger got a yellow card. Soon afterwards, Cerberus was substituted as he was running around very gingerly, with eyes glazed over.

A fine diving save was made by the HJ goalie when he finally figured out how to make the Atlas move sideways. However, his teammates had to help pull him out of the trench he had created after landing on his side.

Eventually the WG twice caught out HJ with quick counterattacks on the break and Challenger Tank got his hat trick and Barak scored an unstoppable 25 yard blast.

The fans went wild and afterwards, Challenger explained why the WG played so well.

"Well, we looked at holovids of soccer games from the 21st Century played by the best teams. This meant looking at Tottenham Hotspur games since they were, and still are, the best of the best. We learnt our passing skills from them and our team is modelled after them; unlike HJ, who were modeled after Manchester United, a team since relegated to fifth division and merged with Bangor United."

Long after the game ended, the WG fans were heard to sing:

"We love you Wild Geese. We do. We love you Wild Geese. We do. We love you Wild Geese, we dooooo, oh Wild Geese we love you!"

From their wonderful style of play, it was difficult not to.......

The Canyon, Kentares IV
Federated Commonwealth
13 December 3063


"This just in: Scattered reports have come in about heavy fighting taking place in the region of "The Canyon". Most of them report that many mechs which entered The Canyon earlier in the day to flush out some mercenaries have re-emerged in headlong retreat and their formations completely broken.

Some eyewitnesses reported that a certain Daishi that is currently only known by the initials "S.D." has been causing mayhem with its long range weapons. A Bushwacker pilot, close to having a nervous breakdown said to Reuters:

"I....I... can't ....go ....go back there.. That Daishi..... Aaaarrrgghhhh" before breaking down in sobs.

There are unconfirmed reports that some mech commanders had to resort to training their ERLLs on their subordinates to force them to re-enter The Canyon. Some even fought their commanders rather than go back against the mysterious S.D. and his companions.

A retired Colonel advised the defeated forces to "use cluster bombs, cluster bombs, cluster bombs, and then use more cluster bombs. That ought to do it. The Colonel reportedly hadn't seen action for about 15 years.

More updates will be given once we receive them. Stay tuned."