Biography of

CSM "Enemy at the Gates" Nick

CSM Nick traces his home world to the disputed planet Zion, which was torn between the borders of the Free Worlds League, the Capellan Confederation, and the Chaos March. He was born at a time when that planet was under the Capellan Confederation, and so was fortunate enough to gain admittance to the Sian Military Academy.

Following graduation, he was recruited into Warrior House Ma-Tsu Kai. He was assigned Shang-shao Zhuge Liang as his sifu, until he himself was inducted into the officer ranks, eventually reaching the rank of Lien-zhang. Lien-zhang Nick's company was detached as Warrior House Ma-Tsu Kai's contribution to Taskforce Serpent to join the Red Lancers in that mission. The initial invasion of Clan Smoke Jaguar's homeworld of Huntress was a success, but the situation quickly reversed when Khan Lincoln Osis led his Keshik, together with 2 galaxies of Smoke Jaguar troops returning from the Inner Sphere under Galaxy Commander Hang Mehta, to Huntress to retake their homeworld. Taskforce Serpent managed to resist the initial onslaught of overwhelming forces, but was forced to retreat into the Dhuan swamp. It was there, under cover of darkness and ever present danger from constant attacks by the Smoke Jaguar forces, that Lien-zhang Nick picked up and honed his particular skill in sniping. The mental strain and duress of the situation, on top of having sustained a permanent head damage, turned that skill into an obsession which sometimes clouded his judgment.

Upon return to the Inner Sphere after being relieved by Prince Victor Davion's forces, with half his company KIA on Huntress, Lien-zhang Nick set about rebuilding his company. However, political events had overtaken many things while he was away with Taskforce Serpent. Because he supported Chancellor Sun-Tze Liao's Xing Sheng movement, Lien-zhang Nick was targeted for assassination by counter-reformative and conservative elements allied with Kali Liao's Thugee cult. These turn of events, coupled with the obsession for sniping, eventually led to Nick leaving the Warrior House where he had spent his entire military career. He went back to his homeworld of Zion where he joined up with the Barak Brigade of the mercenary Pazan Regiment, where his sniping skill was useful for the Brigade's headhunting company. During that time, he became a clandestine member of the Warriors of the Dropship, an eclectic mix of opinionated MechWarriors. An encounter with LTC Mike during a planetary ancient war historians' symposium led Nick (with the Barak Brigade's blessings) to join Mike's new company. Tired of the responsibility of command after his experience on Huntress, and still prone to lapses in judgment due to his obsession in sniping, Nick decided to join The Wild Geese as CSM rather than in a command role.