Biography of

Captain "Crazy Legs" Philip

CPT Philip was born on the capital planet of the Federated Suns, New Avalon. He was privileged to be granted admittance to the exclusive Latymer College of the New Avalon Institute of Science (NAIS). However, after Latymer, instead of proceeding to the NAIS, he chose to continue his education at the Nagelring Academy on Tharkad. This was in the era of the Federated Commonwealth where there were frequent exchanges between top cadets of the NAIS and Nagelring

The Nagelring, named after a sword used by an ancient German folk-hero, is the oldest military academy in the Lyran Commonwealth, and was originally an official Star League Academy. When Steiner House forces took over after Star League personnel left the Inner Sphere, they were surprised to find that many of the professors and instructors had decided to stay on. The Nagelring soon began producing trained officers for the Lyran Commonwealth, and in time, the Federated Commonmwealth.

Upon graduation, Philip was posted to the 4th Arcturan Lancers, where he attained the rank of Hauptmann and commanded a company of medium and heavy mechs. However, disaffection grew after Katherine Steiner-Davion seceeded the Lyran half of the Federated Commonwealth to form the Lyran Alliance. Good commanders loyal to Prince Victor Davion were purged from the fledgling Lyran Alliance Armed Forces (LAAF) and replaced with incompetent commanders. Philip joined the underground organization known as Heimdall, and later, the Blackwatch. The opportunity for Hauptmann Philip came when the Northwind Highlanders mercenary regiments returned to their homeworld of Northwind. He left the LAAF and joined the Blackwatch Company of the Northwind Highlanders. It was with this unit that Philip traveled to Huntress as part of Taskforce Serpent to destroy the homeworld of Clan Smoke Jaguar. After a harrowing time there, in which certain annihilation was on the cards if not for the timely arrival of Taskforce Bulldog, the Blackwatch Company returned to the Inner Sphere.

However, upon arrival back in the Inner Sphere, the leaders of the Blackwatch decided to leave the Northwind Highlanders to take up position as the honor guard of the First Lord of the reborn Star League, as their ancestors had done centuries before. Philip had no interest being an honor guard, and left the unit. Meeting up with his old friend from Latymer, LTC Mike, who was then recruiting for his mercenary company, Philip jumped at the opportunity and is now the Chief Engineer of The Wild Geese.