We are a bunch of pot-bellied middle-aged men who play MW4 to vent our work-related frustrations. We play mainly on Wednesdays and Saturdays (and sometimes Fridays) at 22:30hrs +8 GMT on the server called "tank battles" (we do invade other servers from time to time). If this description fits you, and you agree with our House Rules below and are interested, contact our Company 2IC at the recruitment office at ICQ #9986167 or email to

It helps if you are in the +8 GMT TimeZone for maximum interaction and minimum gameplay lag. For game compatibility, you should have MechWarrior: Mercenaries installed and patched up to the latest point release (1.0 for Mercenaries) and the MekTek Expansion Pak. We currently also have both the Clan and IS Add-on paks, but those are optional (except for the maps).

Other servers you may find us in include Battletech Japan, Knights of Davion, Eli, and Bawk.

Our House Rules & Etiquette

(1)Our server, "tank battles", allows every weapon except High Explosives.
(2)We play in a Heat On, Ammo Limited, and Splash Off environment, so don't whine if these do not meet your ideal environment.
(3)From time to time we may set a maximum tonnage for Team Attrition games, either for individual mechs or for the team as a whole. This is to prevent the invasion of Daishi armies which take the fun out of gameplay.
(4)No vulgarity, obscene or objectionable words and images allowed, either in e-mail conversations or during gameplay.
(5)No committing suicide during teamplay. Doing so during Free For All (FFA) play is your own business, but it reflects poorly on your performance.
(6)No grandstanding and lone wolf tactics during teamplay.
(7)Legging is a prized skill among The Wild Geese. You are not to kill those we leg, without prior permission from the Field Commander (usually Stardust or Challenger Tank).

Recruitment Process

(1)We normally arrange to have the recruit join us for a few sessions on a trial basis.
(2)After the trial sessions, it generally involves each regular member internally giving their 2 cents worth regarding their opinion of the potential recruit. We then decide from there.
(3)We might need to eyeball you (if you're in the same Spaceport as us), or visit your website, to ensure that you're not a hacker or fly-by-nighter.
(4)Just to let you know, our emphasis isn't really about skill, etc. but whether you're fun to play with and have a good attitude (though reasonable skill is a bonus).
(5)On acceptance, your Callsign and Decal(s) are subject to approval by existing members (House Rule #4).