Biography of

Captain "Bang, Thank You!" Sam

CPT Sam was born in the Draconis Combine world of Alshain. Showing exceptional aptitude for war, he was selected for training at the Combine's Sun Zhang Mechwarrior Academy.

The largest 'Mech Academy in the Inner Sphere, Sun Zhang graduates at least 400 Mechwarriors each year. Loacted on New Samarkand, Sun Zhang teaches only Battlemech and AeroSpace Fighter studies. Completing an education at Sun Zhang guarantees a student a 'Mech or Fighter. Most senior officers attend this school, which is noted for its harsh discipline and rigorous training. Following his graduation, Sam was sponsored to attend the Wisdom of the Dragon University, which specializes in startegy and command, and hones the officers' loyalty and honor. He was given a katana and wakizashi upon his graduation from this University, even though he had already received a set from Sun Zhang.

Sam was then posted to the reknowned 1st Sword of Light Regiment, where he rose through the ranks, eventually attaining the rank of Sho-sa. It was in this capacity that Sho-sa Sam-sama led his company in defence of his home world of Alshain against Clan Ghost Bear. His unit was eventually evacuated from the planet and in order to regain his honor, he led his company in the furious defence of Luthien against Clan Smoke Jaguar, with loss of up to 70% casualties. Having reformed after the successful defence, Sho-sa Sam-sama served for a period in the Otomo of Coordinator Theodore Kurita, before being rotated back to his former unit where he was instrumental in the recovery of Combine worlds from Clan Smoke Jaguar during Operation Bulldog. However, his unstinting loyalty to Coordinator Theodore Kurita and his support of the Coordinator's rapport with Prince Victor Davion earned him the ire of Black Dragon Society members. These elements conspired with the ISF to bring up false charges of treason against Sho-sa Sam-sama. Because of his illustrious military record, Sho-sa Sam-sama was given the option of receiving the Honor of Wakizashi by which he was expected to commit seppuku, or else be dishonored and loose his mech. Having a bigger world view and tired of playing political games, Sam chose the latter option and left the service of the Combine.

Sam eventually made his way to Solaris VII, where he initially joined Ngee Ann Stables before being spotted as an accomplished Mechwarrior and was head-hunted to the Gemini Capital Stables. Under his new employer, Sam became Champion of Solaris for two years running. However, the call of actual battle, honed by his many years of military training, was calling Sam back to a warrior life. It was then that he met LTC Mike, who had been following Sam's Solaris career with great interest. Mike offered Sam the job of XO of the mercenary company he was forming. Sam immediately took up the offer, and joined The Wild Geese as CPT Sam, XO.